What: Logo for a conceptual “sharing economy” truck rental service

Client: Brooks Bannon

Project Brief: A group of business students worked with design students to brand their business ideas. For this project, a logo was created for a “sharing economy” style truck rental service.

Strategy: The first step to creating the identity was to determine the elements and colors that represent the company. The color blue was used because it conveys authority and authenticity. Sketches were made to explore ideas.

Experimenting with words on a truck and also monogram-style logo

Sketches continued

Sketches continued

Rough Directions: 3 rough directions were rendered to serve as a point of discussion for the next client meeting

Three logo directions

Final Result: The final design is a monograph-style logo. One can see an uppercase “H”, a lowercase “i”, and part of an uppercase “A” from the triangular warping of the “H”. The logo is minimal to represent the ease of use of the service, the blue conveys authenticity and authority, and the wordmark is oblique to portray a “moving forward” motion. A more abstract logo was used rather than a literal representation of a truck because there are so many variations of trucks that could be rented out, and the logo should not make it appear as if there is only one.

The final result